The Essex Produce Collection

Welcome to the Essex Produce Company...

We are passionate about local produce. From our shop in Kelvedon we offer an array of local wine, beer, spirits and pantry foods. Fresh bread features twice a week and we are now bringing you refillable local chilled Bacchus and spirits. Bring your 750ml sealable bottles for wine and 350ml bottles for spirits, or buy one from us.

Who we are...

Established in 2021, at Essex produce Co we pride ourselves in sourcing the best artisan produce for you from our compact shop in the heart of Essex. Continually working to bring you new products, our core range of cured meats, cheese, wine, beer & spirits has got you covered. We aren't quite a deli but offer such items that you would expect in any good quality delicatessen.  

Essex has some of the finest food & drink producers in the UK and through our shop in Kelvedon we hope that you can join us on the journey of eating and drinking locally produced fare.

Having spent the last 14 years working in the motorsport industry, including for a world rally team and then onto classic cars, EPC founder Fraser Ward now finds himself following his passion for English and Essex wine.

“I am incredibly proud that our shop has become so much more than a destination to buy a collection of brilliant local wines. We have discovered so much top-class local produce and have met so many enthusiastic people in the local food & drink industry and we have a unique collection of Essex produce for everyone who enjoys drinking something special.”

​Fraser spent time working in the famous Coonawarra wine region in South Australia and says that’s where he discovered his love of wine.

“For the people who have visited Coonawarra they will know how special it is. It was impossible not to soak up their passion for great wines made in their region and that experience really rubbed off on me. The same goes for the Essex wine region. The more you experience the wines, meet the people that make them, and take in the beautiful countryside that lends itself to great winemaking, you can’t help but be inspired by it.”

“We want everyone to support local produce and great local wines. Sustainable shopping is so important and that doesn’t have to stop when it comes to fine wine.”